[June 8th-9th] Kiso Lacquerware Festival & Narai Shukuba Festival

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of BYAKU Narai.

We would like to inform you about the details of the following festival and the associated traffic regulations and precautions for our guests.

▼ 55th ”Kiso” Lacquerware Festival and ”Narai Shukuba” Festival

Event Period: June 8 (Saturday) – June 9 (Sunday), 2-day event

Scheduled Events:
June 8 (Saturday) *Pedestrian Paradise 9:00-16:00
▷ Kimono Town Stroll & Photo Contest
┗ 9:00-16:00 Reception at Narai Civic Center
▷ Iodo Taiko Preservation Society Performance
┗ 11:00 onwards Morning Session in front of ”Narai Kaikan”
┗ Around 14:00 Afternoon Session in Shitamachi
▷ Tokyo City University Shiojiri High School Wind Ensemble Performance
┗ 13:00 onwards in front of ”Narai Kaikan”

June 9 (Sunday) *Pedestrian Paradise 9:00-16:00
▷ Tea Pot Procession “Ochyatsubo douchu”
┗ 12:00 onwards Departure from ”Choseonji” Temple
▷ Tsuru University of Applied Sciences Wind Ensemble Performance
┗ 11:00 onwards in front of Narai Civic Center

Both days will feature exhibitions and sales of fine lacquerware and rare finds at lacquerware shops and outdoor stalls in the ”shukuba”, attracting a large number of visitors. It’s a special two-day event where you can experience the lively atmosphere of the Edo period ”shukuba””.

▼ Traffic Regulations During the Festival Period During the following times,
vehicles are not allowed to enter or park in the ”shukuba” area and side streets of ”Narai”. We kindly ask for your attention when visiting.

June 8 (Saturday) 9:00-16:00 June 9 (Sunday) 9:00-16:00

▼ Precautions for Guests Staying on June 8, and 9 As mentioned above,
there will be traffic regulations during the festival period, so please be aware of the following points:

Due to traffic regulations, our hotel’s guest parking lot will not be available. As an alternative, please use the following parking lots:

  • ”Kisono Ohashi” East Parking Lot (on the National Highway side)
  • ”Kisono Ohashi” West Parking Lot (on the railway side)
  • ”Michi no Eki Naraijuku”” Parking Lot (north side of ”Kisono Ohashi””)

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact the following inquiry desk.
TEL: 0264-34-3001

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